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                                                        Getting Organized
                                                     By Cindy Brown, LCSW
                                                      January-February 2018
With the beginning of a new year, people often resolve to make important changes in their lives. Traditionally, many of us think about losing weight. Others people consider exercising more, spending more time with family, or saving for the future. Another healthy resolution? Getting better organized!

Many people lead lives full of unnecessary clutter. For example, do you find yourself cleaning the same closet over and over again? Does dealing with excessive clutter take time away from doing things you enjoy? Here is one suggestion to start solving the clutter problem. Choose a de-cluttering project, such as organizing a closet or dresser. Sort all items into three piles. The first pile is for items you are certain you want to discard. The second pile is the “not sure” pile.  The third pile is for items you definitely wish to hold on to. When finished, get rid of the discard pile right away. With the “not sure” pile, go through items one final time and try to keep only one third of those items, transferring them to the “definitely keep” pile and discarding the rest. Now your closet or dresser is on the way to becoming better organized!

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